The Georgia 1832 project began on January 2, 2011 and has been under continuous development ever since.  It is an open ended effort by our family and friends to create a quiet retreat in the North Georgia mountains.


From the beginning it has been a project of transformation of some really neglected property into a place of tranquility.  But often this comes in the form of the satisfaction that comes from hard work and discovery of our own skills and endurance.


On day 1 we actually pushed into the property with a Bobcat and small backhoe just to gain entrance.  So everything on the property from the buildings, to the gardens, to the art is of our creation.


As of January 2019 there are thirteen structures with various purposes, plus about three acres of gardens, open areas, and another five acres for future development.


It is open by invitation only and our web site goals are to promote similar efforts and to keep family and friends updated on our progress.



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