While we would like to say that there is a master plan to our efforts, but truthfully a great deal of the fun is the spontaneity of the creation process.  Often the next thing built is something we build just because we have never built one and think it might be fun.


We started with the idea of just building one tree house and it obviously grew from there into a large complex.  Certainly there are other things to build but we never reveal the next project until we break ground.


One of our tenants is building with as little waste as possible.  So every building is built on multiples of four.  This lets us use standard lumber lengths with little left over at the end.  Some of the buildings have been so well executed that the waste at the end is just enough for a good fire on a cold day.


We learned from talking to Pete Nelson at Treehouse Point that trying to save money on windows and doors was not a good idea because of energy loss.  So early on we developed a plan for standard windows and have stick to it.  This gives all the buildings some commonality.  We also settled on doing all the buildings with cedar shingles because of their availability and ease of installation.  This allows us to do more of the work personally and not have to hire out this aspect of the job.


We have some thoughts about the 2019 projects, but they are just starting to form.  Besides, who wants to work outside in winter in Georgia.  It is our cold and wet season.


Click on the links to the left to see the history of each building.  The satellite image is from mid-2017 and is the latest available.  Click on it to see a larger version.


We hope you enjoy our journey.

Order of Construction






























Hawke's Nest

Stair Tower


Lone Hemlock

Lath House

Front Torii Gate

Eya's Nest




Garden Shed 1


Slice House

The Pavilion


Climbing Wall

Lath House Conversion to Garden Shed


Cow Shed

Potting Shed

Nature Walk with Back Torii Gates

Garden Shed to Tool Shed Conversion


Jack's Place

Driveway Paving

New Entrance Gates


Tailfeather Coffeehouse


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