Almost from the beginning nothing worked out with these plans and, therefore, nothing has been more serendipitous than the creation of the Eyas Nest.  Originally intended as a trebuchet to be used by grandchildren to throw pumpkins and other assorted fruit to the woods, we failed at every attempt to get it going.  Once we decided to start building in the back, specifically the chapel, we had to have a different use.  So one day we decided we could use it as a platform for a small tea room for our granddaughters.


So we cut off the posts at a consistent height and started building up.  There was room for a small four by eight building and front porch, so that was what we built.  Even with small structures you must go through all the steps to build soundly and it took three or four days to get it done.


We did use lap siding on the exterior walls just for a change of pace from the cedar shingles.  Like the shingles this was easy to do and the siding took no more than a day.  Cutting out for the windows was the most difficult part of the job.


Decorating the interior was a job for the artists in the group and as you can tell it worked out to be just right for the granddaughters.  But this is also a favorite spot for smaller children who visit us since it seems to be just the right size and it isn't too high.

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