Situated just off the parking area in the front of the property is a Potting Shed that we built in mid and late 2016.  This seems to be a natural extension of having a lot of garden space and the work area that must accompany it.  This is one of our smaller structures at only eight by twelve feet, plus another four foot porch.


But we took our time with it and enjoyed the ride so to speak.  This was one of the few projects for the year and there was no reason to hurry.


This was a chance to use up some material from other projects like the bead board we used on the ceiling and back splash.  And we used up the remaining cedar shingles we had on hand for both the interior and exterior.


We have space for storage of planting materials, but this is more for flowers than larger plants.  This might also fall into the category of "She Shed" and provide a little private space for half the crew.


Whatever the use, everyone who sees it appreciates the way it is tucked back in the woods and really likes the interior.  Equipped with a small ceiling fan and covered by trees it has proven to be a nice place to get out of the sun on hotter days and appreciate the quiet than often accompanies visits to the property.

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