There are two other minor structures on the property that are worth noting.  One is the Slice House or ground level bathroom.  This became a necessity as we started building at ground level, but dare we say also an age consideration.  It is a tiny little building tucked under the Lone Hemlock.  It is nothing fancy, but greatly appreciated.


We also have a Tool Shed that has become a necessity, especially during major projects.  It takes a lot of tools and supplies to execute a project of this size and while things are actively being built the tools obviously reside in the structure we are building.


But what do you do in the downtime between projects with all the tools and supplies?  We had a Garden Shed and had to consider its use as we added more and more garden implements and supplies.


The demise of the Lath House as a dining area gave us an opportunity to reuse it as the Garden Shed, and that freed up the Garden Shed to become the Tool Shed.  So we rotated all the garden supplies out to the Lath House and all the tools in here.


And last, our grandchildren requested a rock climbing wall and we of course wanted to accommodate their request.  So on the corner of the walkway from the Stair Tower to the Lone Hemlock we added a surface of two by sixes and installed the necessary hand and foot holds to make it functional.

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